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The End

This is not a story of boy meets girl.

Boy has already met girl a long time ago. In fact, they've known each other long enough for boy to rest his hands dangerously low on girl's waist and for girl to snuggle deep into the crook of boy's clavicle. Boy and girl are supposed to be dancing. But they look content swaying without a rhythm (so who cares?).

Choi Sooyoung decides a probable ending.

From where she sat, both boy and girl have eased into an imaginary circle of lightly-shared memories and a fairly-remembered past. She considers staring at them a while longer, even when the sun has already faded into an indescribable purple and the sound of overlapping voices distorted her concentration.

The music stopped abruptly but the dance went on. Their feet moved slower than before, as if to plead time to move with their pace. Boy pulled girl in a tender embrace, allowing his face to drown in the fragrant sea of her hair.

Boy's mouth parted in a careful whisper against girl's leaning ear. Sooyoung tried to figure out the shapes that formed on his lips, but her thoughts were drowned in a sudden, unanimous chorus of clinking glass.


This is not a story of boy meets girl.

Shim Changmin has already met girl a long time ago. In fact, they've known each other long enough for him to pull her parallel against his body and bury his nose into the smell of lilacs and berries that neither became sweeter nor faint over what seemed like hours of holding her in his arms.

Changmin and girl already had a few years in their favor. They have been ridiculously in-love much longer than they were just friends and, even then, they weren't exactly "just" friends. Girl was the whole world for Changmin.

The music had already faded and, little by little, the silence grew. Girl clutched the back of Changmin's smoothly-tailored three-piece suit, and pressed a smile against his chest.

"We kept dancing like we said we would," he whispered.

Changmin decides a probable ending, but as the twinkling sound of glass filled the still air, he knew that the end has already begun.


This is not a story of boy meets girl.

Well, it used to be (when once upon a time, Tiffany Hwang met Shim Changmin). But once a upon a time was too long ago, because they have known each other long enough for Tiffany to trace the familiar indentions of the muscles on Changmin's back as they swayed in a comfortable trance.

Even without background music and a white horse with a Renaissance name, Tiffany knew that he was her Prince Charming. Changmin gave her all the unbroken promises and scrapbook memories that will forever remain untainted in the chapters of her life where he was in. He gave her all the right reasons, and she's almost sure that he was the best one.

"We kept dancing like we said we would," he whispered.

Changmin did give her all the right reasons, including the ones which were supposed to make her stay. But, although Prince Charming was perfect, Tiffany fell (hard and unarmed) for the only risk she never regretted.

"We’ll always do," she whispered back. He gave her waist one final squeeze, but it was Tiffany who pulled away from the only other man she had ever loved.

The sharp, merry sound of butter knives against wine glasses choked up the mist clouding in her eyes as Tiffany watched Changmin walk up to his beautiful bride, spontaneously sweeping Sooyoung up in his arms and gracing her with a hearty kiss.

Tiffany decides a probable ending too, but she knew that it was a happy ending all along.

Author's note: Well... at least it's not angst. Teehee. Anyway, I'm back. If you're wondering where I've been, I took a refresher course and took the board exams :) But, right now, I'm a bum while waiting for the board results.

Tags: changmin/sooyoung, changmin/tiffany
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